Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Gathering of Yarn and Soul

This will become a scarf.

Some of the pieces were started to be sewn together at Maker Faire:

Just some of the pieces to be added on:

It is lovely to see all the different stitch patterns people used on the scarf. Maker Faire flew by and with the flurry of activity in the booth, the amazing array of patterns people used were stunning. Cable, lace, bobbles, basketweaves, filet, shell and some I don't know the names of, all done on the fly. Simply amazing.

However, these pieces are not just knit and crochet stitches made with yarn. They're filled with an energy of community, joy and a creative abandonment of logical thought. A scarf? Sure. For a statue? Why not.

To paraphrase a line in the movie "Bolt" that I love: The ordinary can become extraordinary if you're awesome.

You guys are awesome.

(Not everyone who participated was able to put their signature on the board. These were gathered at Maker Faire. Even then, some lovely Creative Partners did a "knit and run" and therefore are not on the board. Signature or not, the title Creative Partner is yours and, along with it, the awesomeness.)

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