Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Scarf visits Neighborhood Knits!

The Purl St. Scarf is draped in the window of Neighborhood Knits! This wonderful local yarn store graciously provided support for The Purl St. Scarf Project. It is an honor to have it hanging there so more people can see it and be able to witness what a community can do. It will be up for a little while longer, so if you're in the area, please drop in and say hello to the terrific staff and have a look at the scarf! Live! In fiber!!

(Neighborhood Knits is located on 23305 Ford Rd. in Dearborn. Directions and information on their events and classes can be found on their web site.)

Before taking a lounge at Neighborhood Knits, Scarf visited Menlo Park to see the chair Thomas Edison used when working there.

and then sat a spell on the porch of Firestone Farm.

It also visited the sheep to show off its colors and fancy stitches.

They were not impressed.

Portrait of raw material and finished product.

(The cream striped swatch was made with yarn from the Greenfield Village sheep.)

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